Lynn Pliska

Coach and Practitioner

Healing is my passion. I believe that just as people are unique souls, the steps that bring healing are just as unique as the person I meet in a session. This customized approach to healing is inspired by you. 


I am a gifted Reiki Master with comprehensive certification in the art of Usui Reiki, Sophia Reiki, and Karuna Reiki. I also offer clients the powerful healing process of Past Life Regression Hypnosis Therapy as well the clairvoyant insight of Tarot Readings. The transformative force of these various modalities led me to profound healing in my own life. I Also offer inner child trauma healing sessions and LyF coaching to help you onto your path to peace within yourself. I have a 12 week program that's inclusive of all of my modalities . Please message if interested In any of these. Blessings!


I am here to guide you on a personal healing journey, wherever that path may lead you.


Love You First

Educational formation:

  • Karuna Reiki Level 1 
  • Karuna Reiki Level 2 
  • Shoden Usui Reiki Master Level 1
  • Okuden Usui Reiki Master Level 2 
  • Shinpinden Usui Reiki Master Level 3 
  • Sacred Symbols of Sophia Yatakharaj 
  • Shoden Usui Reiki Master Level 
  • Okuden Usui Reiki Master Level 2
  • Shinpinden Usui Reiki Master Level 3 
  • Regression Hypnosis Certification
  • Spiritual Development Series 1
  • Spiritual Development Series 2
  • Ras Clearing /NLP
  • Master, Usui Reiki and Sophia Reiki
  • Non Degree, Past Life Regression Therapy
  • Certifications, Inner Child Trauma Healing and NLP Mastery
  • Certificate, Medical Reikicertificate, Medical Reiki

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